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What Are Product Boxes, And Why Use Them?

Product boxes are small size boxes to store your products and save them from damage. Custom product boxes are gaining a lot of importance in the packaging industry. With the increase in demand, it is necessary to create versatile product packaging. Flexible packaging is crucial to provide a pleasurable unboxing experience to your customers. Custom printed product boxes can be decorated as per your requirement. You can print the details of the product on these boxes. It is also a perfect option for your brand promotion. These boxes allure your customers. You will get high sales and profits by using custom product packaging boxes. Moreover, these boxes will act as a bridge between the brand and clients. A perfect way to give a glamorous look to your products is to buy retail product boxes from The Product Boxes at a cheap rate.

Benefits Of Using Custom Product Packaging Boxes

Custom product packaging boxes play a pivotal role in protecting your products. You may secure them while travelling. Here are some benefits of using custom made product boxes.

Increase Brand Recognition And Awareness

Customers can easily recognize your brand at very first sight with your retail product boxes. It is a perfect marketing tool that leads you to high sales and profits. These boxes will distinguish your products from your competitors. They will give a magnetic look while placed on retail shelves. Gone are the days when we used to wait for newspapers and television to create awareness of our products. It is when people rely highly on custom printed product boxes to decide what they have to buy. Retail boxes have a high potential to announce your brand and make it recognized

Secures Your Product From Damaging

Rigid boxes have helped products, incredibly fragile products. They help to keep them safe over a long distance during shipping. What do you feel on the arrival of your online ordered goods if you receive your slightly broken or damaged product? It feels awful. With custom made boxes for products, you are assured that your clients will get the exact product they ordered. Furthermore, it will help to establish brand trust among your customers. Every business owner can adopt custom product packaging and see how the good things will turn into a business.

Effectively Increase Brand Value

Every customer wants a “Wow!” moment. But, in most cases, they receive uninteresting packaging. You can decide to allure them with eye-catchy custom printed product boxes. Many people make videos with their lovely packaging and post them on social media. It might bring you a long list of new customers. The Product Boxes will provide you with product boxes at an affordable price.

Enhances Customer Experience

Custom printed product boxes enhance the customer experience in different ways; there is no doubt that your products are authentic. However, it may not be the concern of your customers. Customers buy what attracts them at first sight. So, business owners should ensure they provide products to their customers with satisfaction. Good products plus good packaging will help you fetch loyal customers. Customers also appreciate it when they receive their ordered products without any damage. 

Cheap Product Boxes

We are offering product boxes at a cheap rate. When you want to buy product boxes, you can get them from The Product Boxes. We will provide you with free delivery if you buy bulk product boxes. Product wholesale packaging boxes will help you minimise your cost and maximise your profit ratio. 

Unique Identity To Your Brand

A unique identity helps to gain more sales. Small Businesses invest thousands of dollars in strengthening their fast food brands. With the help of food product boxes, you can enhance your sales. Your products will be distinguished from similar products in the market. Resultantly, they will perform better than other similar products. 

Wholesale Product Boxes

You can get wholesale product boxes from us. In this way, you can get free delivery and reasonable prices too. It will enhance your profit ratio. We are one of the leading packaging sellers in the UK. We are available anytime to provide these services to lift your business to high levels. 

You are also accessible to

  • Get wholesale product boxes at an affordable price.
  • Print your logo on boxes.
  • Mention the details of the product.
  • Buy in bulk and get free delivery to save your costs.
  • Customise your product boxes minimum order as per your requirements.

Get Boxes In Various Forms And Sizes

We always prioritise our customers’ needs. We are offering custom product boxes in various forms and sizes. You can get packaging boxes according to your requirements. The sizes and forms we offer are;

  • Product Boxes with an open top
  • Kraft boxes
  • Pillow boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Size on-demand

Customisation Of Product Packaging for Greater Outreach

When you are looking to design product packaging that can fascinate your customers, you will have to customise the product boxes as per your requirements to stand up your product from the rest. We work to turn your dreams into reality.

Printing Techniques For Product Packaging Boxes

The Product Boxes is offering cheap product boxes with magnetic printing. The printing techniques we offer are:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing uses liquid and toner ink to print the details on custom made product boxes. This is suitable for the companies that are looking for quick results. Moreover, its cost is less.

Offset Printing

Offset printing uses printing plates and rubber blocks to add content to the packaging. The printing plates are generally made from aluminium. The content is first transferred to rubber blocks and then on the packaging. This printing technique is costly, but the results are exceptional. When you buy product boxes, you should ensure what printing techniques are used.

Add-Ons For Custom Product Boxes

Add-ons are magnetic features that can give your products a unique look. With a bit of investment in add-ons, you can attract more customers and enhance your sales. You can choose from a wide range of add-ons. Following are some add-ons offered by us:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Hot Stamping
  • Window Patching
  • Many more


Embossing is the process of highlighting the packaging design elements. You can emboss any design to make your product noticed by customers. When you emboss any design, your customers will be attracted in a better fashion.


Debossing is the opposite of embossing. You can add depressing effects to any design with the help of debossing. In this way, customers will love the design.

Spot UV

Along with debossing, we provide Spot UV. It is a process to give extra shine and an elegant look to the packaging. Moreover, it will allure your clients. 

Hot Stamping

Moreover, we provide hot stamping also. In this, custom dye is pressed on the packaging, which gives a fascinating look to the packaging, and results in high sales.

Window Patching

In this, we provide a thin film die-cut window. Customers view the product without opening the packaging box. 

Adorn your Product Packaging Boxes with Enticing Colour Models

Colours always play a game with customers’ psyches. It is beneficial for brand recognition. Moreover, you can allure your customers by adding vibrant colours to your packaging. So, never ignore the colours and always choose eye-catchy colours. We are offering the following colour models:

  • CMYK Colour Model
  • PMS Colour Model
CMYK Colour Model

 The four colours involved in this model include cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These colours are mixed together to get the desired colour. You will create a lot of colours by mixing colours but will face difficulty matching exact colours. 

PMS Colour Model

The Pantone matching system uses spot colours to get colour matching. This model is ideal if you want custom packaging boxes with classical appeal. It is a highly recognised technique because it gives exact colour match. Are you worried about selecting a colour model? Worry no more; Our customer support staff will help you select the best colour models for cosmetic boxes.

Prototyping Options For Product Packaging Boxes:

We are offering prototypes that accurately represent your packaging designs. The following are some of our prototyping options:

  • 2D Flat View
  • 3D Folding Video
  • Physical Sampling

Order Your Custom Product Boxes Today!

The Product Boxes is a major supplier of custom product boxes with logos in the UK. We always prioritise our clients’ needs and satisfaction. Our product boxes are highly compatible to ensure the safety of the product. We believe in offering high-quality packaging boxes to our customers. Regardless of the type of custom printed product boxes, we guarantee to deliver retail packaging boxes that are trendy yet affordable. We are here to serve you. Do not wait; confidently place your order. To order your cheap product boxes, contact our team today!



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Frequently Asked

Yes. At TheProductBoxes, you can enjoy a wide range of customization options. Moreover, we have no issue with our clients having their own opinion. Rather we respect new suggestions and ideas. It’s your packaging and how you want it is your responsibility. 

There are multiple sources where you can place your order. It’s either through email-ID, phone call, or visiting the office directly. 


Phone: +1-623-505-2176

Address: 3409 N 7th Ave Unit #529 Phoenix, AZ 85013

Address 2: 632 banner ave Brooklyn NY 11235

Yes. Once you start working with us, it is possible to talk with the person at authority. However, if it is an emergency situation, you can communicate with them prior to order placement. We have no problem catering to such requests.  

We have a number of techniques at hand. For example, we offer: 

  1. Offset Printing
  2. Digital Printing
  3. Screen Printing

It depends upon the client’s budget and requirement about the technique that they can employ.

TheProductBoxes start accepting orders of minimum 100 boxes. Thus, if you want to order 100 or more boxes, you can easily place an order with us. For a number less than limit, you may need to talk to our customer care. 

Yes, we do. Though a lot of businesses are affected by the current situation. We try our level best to deliver the packages on time. Hence, you do not have to worry about anything. 

Yes, without following SOPs I don’t think we would be able to run our company. So, yes we definitely follow every SOP imposed by the government and World Health Organization. 

There is a whole set of payment methods designed to meet your needs. For instance, if you are Master Card, PayPal, Union Pay, Visa card holders; then you can easily pay without much hustle. 

We will let you know through mail. It is our duty and we will make sure it is done on time. One of our customer care representatives will reach out to you and inform you about your order. After that, you can track your order normally. 

Yes. In fact prototypes are an essential part of our company’s policy. We appreciate those clients who demand prototypes from us. There are separate charges for every method. To know more about them, you will have to call us.

Free Of Cost Delivery. Yes, you read it right. We offer free delivery across the United States. Sounds good?

It depends upon the stage of procedure and the sort of amendment that you want to add in the process. If it will be possible, then sure why not. To put it in simple words, we accept any amendment that takes place within the 2-3 days of order placement. 

After three days, we will not be able to process your request because by now it will be in production. 


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