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We at The Product Boxes UK offer affordable yet trendy gift boxes. Being one of the leading manufacturers of gifts packaging and boxes in the UK, we understand and serve our valued customers correctly. For this purpose, we make custom gift boxes and use durable and recycled materials. It helps your product to remain secure for a long time. You can get these gift boxes in various shapes, sizes like a4 gift boxes. So, what is stopping you from placing an order? Avail of this golden opportunity and order luxury gift boxes at your doorstep.

What Are Gift Boxes?

Companies use empty boxes to give gifts to their customers. These boxes as gifts best to impress the buyers and celebrate festivals like Christmas and many others. You can present your brandable company’s newly launched products to your buyers in presentation boxes. As you give your product’s sample, it must be packed in beautiful gift boxes. Therefore, do not forget to have quality magnetic gift boxes. Moreover, it will make your brand a discussion topic among the masses.  

Gift Boxes Wholesale

Gift boxes with lids must be aesthetic. It will grab the customers’ attention. However, it is necessary to consider the price of chocolate gift boxes UK while purchasing packaging boxes. We offers gift boxes wholesale without minimum order to save your cost. It will help you to manage your business on a tight budget. Get small hamper boxes with free delivery at your doorstep.

Which Material Will Be Best For Your Wedding Gift Boxes

Material plays a central role in the durability of any product. Therefore, you must consider the quality of the material while purchasing boxes for wedding ring boxes. You are presenting a gift to the newly married couple. If you use quality material for these boxes, you will be remembered as long as the container remains in its original appearance. 

We use the following materials for packaging:

  • Cardstock Packaging Material
  • Kraft Packaging Material
  • Rigid Packaging Material
  • Corrugated Packaging Material

Cardstock Packaging Material

Cardstock is more robust and heavier than standard packaging materials. It prevents the content inside from any damage over a long distance. 

Kraft Packaging Material

As a company, we believe in keeping the environment clean and safe. Kraft contributes to keeping the environment safe from toxins and other pollutants. Therefore, buy kraft gift boxes to present your gifts.

Rigid Packaging Material

Rigid is a thicker material. It is considered a good option for gifting purposes. You can choose rigid material for your rigid gift boxes.

Corrugated Packaging Material

Corrugated material is highly recommended for shipments. It protects the products from any damage during shipping and handling. Corrugated is a perfect option if you want to ensure the longevity of your gifts.

Cardboard Packaging Material

Cardboard is a thick form of paper. It is a perfect option for those companies who want packaging with no weight. We manufactur cardboard gift boxes at affordable prices. We have a wide range of packaging solutions to fulfill your packaging needs. Please put your hands on us to get the beautiful boxes for gifts

Benefits Of Gift Boxes

Gift boxes offer multiple benefits to businesses. Some brands are unaware of how easter gift boxes help in business success. As same some people do not take it seriously. 

The following are the benefits white gift boxes offer:

  • Generate More Sales
  • Save Costs
  • Stand Out From The Competition

Generate More Sales

Brand promotion is necessary to get sales. You need to alert your customers from time to time. For this, you need to introduce new steps. So, using gift boxes will entice your buyers. As a result, you will get more sales.

Save Costs

If you start a new business, you can use present boxes for your brand advertisement. It is the best marketing tool on a low budget. You can save your costs and promote your brand by saving costs. Therefore, order birthday gift boxes at the lowest price from The Product Boxes UK.

Stand Out From The Competition

It does not matter your business, and the competition is tough. Brands know the strategies to stand out in the market. Using high-quality New Year gift boxes is a great strategy to promote your brand and make your brand prominent. 

Colour Combinations For Your Packaging

Colours are always a game changer. They play games with human minds. custom printed boxes have the potential to influence the buyer’s decisions. Colours add an aesthetic touch to the packaging. Moreover, it is a perception that people generally judge the product by its cover. We believe your products are of high quality. Good-quality products and premium packaging will be a plus point for your business. It will take your business to the following levels. Therefore, consider the colours while buying gift boxes for women. 

We offer the following colour models:

  • CMYK Colour Model
  • PMS Colour Model

CMYK Colour Model

This model’s only colors are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black). The colours are mixed to create new colours. If you are sure about the colour and it is part of this model, you should go for it. This model has a limited range of colours. The quality will satisfy you. You will get an approximate color match. Moreover, it is cheap.

PMS Colour Model

Do you want more than the CMYK Colour Model? If yes, the PMS Colour Model is a perfect option for you. Pantone Matching System has a wide range of colours. You do not need to worry about limited choices. You will have results better than the CMYK model. Moreover, it is expensive and suitable for high-mass orders.

Prototype Options – Our Customers’ Satisfaction

Generally, people are anxious about the final appearance of packaging boxes. For this purpose, we offer samples to your doorstep for your satisfaction. 

We suggest you use one of the following or all-in-one options you like.

  • 2D Flat View
  • 3D Mock-up
  • Physical Sampling

2D Flat View:

In 2D flat view, we create a packaging box according to your required measurements. After that, we will send you a picture of your package. You can place your order when you are satisfied.

3D Mock-up:

In this method, we make a video of the box and send you along with the details. You can see every side of the box. 

Physical Sampling:

Do you want more than 2D or 3D samples? We are here to serve you. Client satisfaction is our priority. We can send you the model of your ordered box to your doorstep. Now, you can place your order after your satisfaction.

The Product Boxes – Ultimate Solution of Your Packaging Needs

We are one of the leading manufacturers of gift boxes in the UK. We value every client. Therefore, our customer support staff is available 24/7. You can search gift boxes near me and order minimum number of gift box. Moreover, we offer high-quality printing services. You can print the details of your product packaging. It will increase your brand awareness. So, place your order to have an incredible experience.

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