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Are you looking for popcorn boxes that can increase your revenue? If yes, you are in the right place. The Product Boxes excel in creating packaging. We make personalised popcorn boxes per your requirement. Just tell us your need for packaging. We will design according to it. Our customisation does not contain any limit. You can change shape, size, and design at any moment. Moreover, you can get consultations free of cost. We are available at all times. You can contact us any time.

Custom Popcorn Boxes By The Product Boxes!

Many businesses do not know the impact packaging can have on a business; therefore, they do not pay heed to their product packaging. It is why they have been struggling for a long time to top their product. But they fail to promote their products. There is only one solution; premium quality packaging can promote your product. 

Don’t wait and get custom popcorn boxes to promote your popcorn business. 

Suitable Material for Personalised Popcorn Boxes

Eco-friendly Kraft:

Eco-friendly material is a chemical-free and recyclable material. It is available in the form of kraft. You can use it to make small popcorn boxes and large popcorn boxes. Kraft material maintains the quality of food items and prevents them from contamination or any damage.

Cardstock Boxes:

Cardstock material is another option for popcorn. It is a heavier material than standard packaging materials. Buyers can enjoy popcorn while watching movies. Therefore, buy mini popcorn boxes to promote your popcorn business.

Rigid Material:

Rigid is a thick material. Its thickness ranges up to 32 pt. It is considered a good option for printing and gifting purposes.

Corrugated Material:

Corrugated is a perfect option for shipments. It protects the content inside.

Colour Combination Of Packaging – Exciting Popcorn Packaging Ideas

Colours are essential; we cannot live without liveliness, happiness, and brightness. Is that true? What is your point of view? If you ask us, we prefer colours. They have a substantial impact on customers’ minds. These colour shades can make your mini popcorn boxes attractive and worth buying with the touch of a few shades. Moreover, if your loved one loves popcorn, you can give them pink gift boxes with a fantastic colour combination. We have the two main colour models, have a look at them:

  • CMYK Colour Model
  • PMS Colour Model

CMYK Colour Model

Cyan, Magenta, yellow, and Key (black) are this model’s leading and only colours. The colours are mixed to create new shades. If you are sure about the colour and it is part of this model, go for it. The quality will also not disappoint you.  

PMS Colour Model

Pantone Matching System contains several colour options. You do not need to worry about finite choices. You will have results better than the CMYK model.

Coatings To Protect And Support Your Cardboard Popcorn Boxes

Along with the colour model, the coating is an important feature to add to your packaging. Every part we mention is of utmost importance. It is our job to fulfil your packaging requirement. Let us make your custom-printed popcorn boxes with premium-quality printing. 

We Offer The Following Coating Types at The Product Boxes:

Matte Coating

This type of coating provides extra shine to your packaging. It does not reflect in the sunlight but doesn’t stop it from highlighting the prominent features of your black popcorn boxes.

Gloss Coating

Contrary to matte coating, it shines nicely in the sunlight. It reflects in the sunlight and shows the glittery texture of your cardboard popcorn boxes.

Extra Features – Superb Packaging Popcorn

Don’t you like plain popcorn boxes? Well, we also. Why do you go for the simple box when we are here to make it exciting and superb? Do you know how? By adding extra features. The Product Boxes UK team is expert and highly acknowledged for its talent and skills. We are prone to challenges and always feel happy to work on them. You can also renovate your blank popcorn boxes into a revenue-generating tool for your business. We are here to help you with the add-ons. 

Therefore, We Offer The Options:

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window Patching
  • Hot Stamping

Spot UV

It is the process of adding extra shine to your packaging. It is a great way to add an aesthetic look to your products. Moreover, you can get glossy effects and make your product stand out. Your product will be distinguished from your competitors’ products.


Embossing is a process to add highlighting effects to your packaging. When you emboss on the packaging, It makes your product highlight and allures your customers. As a result, your product is noticed and leads to more sales.


Debossing is the opposite of embossing. adds depressing effects to your Food Boxes. It will entice your customers.

Window Patching

Window patching is the process of thin film adding die-cut window packaging boxes. With the help of this window, customers can view the product without opening the packaging. They do not need to open the boxes. You can allure your customers with these boxes. Ultimately, it will lead you to high sales.

Hot Stamping

Along with window patching, we offer hot stamping. It is the process of adding imprints on the packaging. In this way, Business Food Boxes are adorned in a better fashion. Moreover, it gives an enticing look to these boxes.

Get Prototypes, Today

It is an ordinary perception people are anxious about the final appearance of packaging boxes. For this purpose, we offer samples to your doorstep for your satisfaction. 

We recommend you use one of the following or all-in-one options you like.

  • 2D Flat View
  • 3D Mock-up
  • Physical Sampling

2D Flat View:

In 2D flat view, we make a packaging box according to your required measurements. After that, we will email you the portrait picture of the box. You can place your order after your satisfaction.

3D Mock-up:

In this method, we make a video of the box and send you along with the description. You can analyse every side of the box.

Physical Sampling:

Do you want more than 2D or 3D samples? We are here to serve you. We can send you the model of your ordered box to your doorstep. 

The Product Boxes — Ultimate Solution For Your Packaging Needs

We are a peerless manufacturer of popcorn boxes in the UK. We can fulfil your packaging needs at The Product Boxes UK. You can get a variety of popcorn boxes. Furthermore, we offer free shipping to our valued customers. In this way, you will minimise your cost and maximise your profit. 

Moreover, order popcorn boxes wholesale to get more discounts. We add imprints to make your packages unique. It helps you to increase brand awareness and greater outreach. In addition, you can get your desired colours on packaging to allure your customers. Receive your order within seven days. Get in touch with us to get popcorn boxes in bulk!

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