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The retail market has grown rampantly in the last few decades. A large number of retail brands have entered the market. The only thing is retail packaging that can make your product unique and attract customers. The Product Boxes provide high-quality custom retail boxes per your requirement at an affordable rate.

What are Retail Boxes?

Retail boxes are used to store and display the products on retail shelves. They are perfect for grabbing customers’ attention and providing the necessary information.

Custom Retail Boxes Wholesale

Custom retail boxes are in the most demand in the packaging field because every product in the market related to any area needs packaging. Whether it is from cosmetic or food items, the packaging is necessary to pack them. The issue is where to buy custom retail boxes wholesale with customisation. Put your hands on The Product Boxes. We offer various shapes, sizes, and designs. Visit our website to explore the trendy yet affordable designs. You can allure your customers and turn them into loyal buyers.

Best Materials for Retail Packaging Boxes

The material matters a lot in manufacturing custom retail packaging boxes. Some products are sensitive and fragile. They need special care. Hence, that protection is awarded through custom retail boxes. We offer a variety of materials to our valuable customers.

The materials We Use For Retail Packaging Boxes Are:

  • Eco-Kraft Boxes
  • Cardstock Boxes
  • Cardboard Retail Boxes
  • Corrugated Retail Boxes

Eco-Kraft Boxes:

Kraft material is made from sulfate pulp. It is strong than ordinary packaging boxes. It provides special care and prevents the product from any harm.

Cardstock Boxes

Cardstock is thicker and sturdier than cardboard material. It is highly recommended for your packaging needs. 

Cardboard Retail Boxes

Cardboard is made of fiberboard corrugated material. It is perfect for shipping. It protects the product from any damage during transit. We offer premium quality cardboard retail boxes to increase the shelf life of your product.

Corrugated Retail Boxes

Corrugated boxes consist of paper pulp material. However, corrugated retail boxes are perfect for environmentally friendly businesses. 

Retail Packaging Solutions: The Product Boxes

Every product requires the best packaging to make sales. No doubt, your product is of high quality. Alone quality products cannot distinguish your brand in the market. Good packaging with good products is a plus point for any brand. Therefore, we provide various retail packaging solutions to take your business to the next level. 

Amazing Additions To Your Custom Retail Packaging Boxes

Many customers face problems with customisation. They are disoriented about what to add or not. We offer high-quality printing and eye-catching colours to make your custom retail packaging boxes aesthetic. 

The additional features we offer are:

Alluring Colour Combination for Retail Boxes 

Colours are essential; we cannot live without liveliness, happiness, and brightness. Is that true? What is your point of view? If you ask us, we prefer colours. They have a substantial impact on customers’ minds. These colour shades can make your retail boxes attractive and worth buying with the touch of a few shades. Moreover, if your loved one loves to play games, you can give them newly launched games packed in Game Boxes with a fantastic colour combination. 

We have the two main colour models, have a look at them:

  • CMYK Colour Model
  • PMS Colour Model

CMYK Colour Model

Cyan, Magenta, yellow, and Key (black) are this model’s leading and only colours. The colours are mixed to create new shades. If you are sure about the colour and it is part of this model, go for it. The quality will also not disappoint you. Moreover, it is easy to make quick changes in this model.

PMS Colour Model

Pantone Matching System contains several colour options. You do not need to worry about finite choices. You will have results better than the CMYK model. Furthermore, it is expensive too. It is suitable for high-volume orders. 

Coatings To Protect And Support Your Retail Packaging Boxes

Along with the colour model, the coating is an important feature to add to your packaging. Every part we mention is of utmost importance. It is our job to fulfil your packaging requirement. Let us make your custom-printed retail boxes with premium-quality printing. 

We offer the following coating types at The Product Boxes:

Matte Coating

This type of coating provides extra shine to your packaging. It does not reflect in the sunlight but doesn’t stop it from highlighting the prominent features of your custom retail boxes wholesale.

Gloss Coating

Contrary to matte coating, it shines nicely in the sunlight. It reflects in the sunlight and shows the glittery texture of your watch boxes.

Extra Features – Alluring Custom Retail Packaging Boxes

Don’t you like plain retail boxes? Well, we also. Why do you go for the simple box when we are here to make it exciting and superb for you? Do you know how? By adding extra features. The Product Boxes team is expert and highly acknowledged for its talent and skills. We are prone to challenges and always feel happy to work on them. You can also renovate your custom retail packaging boxes into a revenue-generating tool for your business. We are here to help you with the add-ons. 

Therefore, we offer the options:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching
  • Hot Stamping


Embossing is a process to add highlighting effects to your custom packaging boxes. When you emboss on the packaging, It makes your product highlight and allures your customers. Ultimately, it leads to more sales.


Debossing is the opposite of embossing. adds depressing effects to your Business Card Boxes. It will entice your customers.

Spot UV

It is the process of adding extra shine to your packaging. It is a great way to add an aesthetic look to your products. Moreover, you can get glossy effects and make your product stand out. Your product will be distinguished from your competitors’ products.

Window Patching

Window patching is the process of thin film adding die-cut window packaging boxes. With the help of this window, customers can view the product without opening the packaging. They do not need to open the boxes. You can allure your customers with these boxes. As a result, you will get high sales.

Hot Stamping

Along with window patching, we offer hot stamping. It is the process of adding imprints on the packaging. In this way, Food Boxes are adorned in a better fashion. Moreover, it gives an enticing look to these boxes.

Get Your Prototypes, Today

Generally, people become worried about the final appearance of Bath Bomb Boxes. We provide prototypes to our valued customers. They can place their orders after their satisfaction.

The Prototypes we offer are:

  • 2D View
  • 3D Inspection
  • Physical Sampling

24/7 Available Customer Support

We are the top-leading retail box manufacturers in the UK. The Product Boxes offer premium quality packaging with free shipping and design. You can contact us anytime. If you are searching for custom retail packaging near me, put your hands on The Product Boxes. Get in touch with us to explore a variety of Retail Boxes.

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