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Vape in Style With an Art of Personalisation At The Product Boxes 

Vaping is cool and you know what is cooler than the box that holds the vape things? The vape packaging keep the vaping products safe and make them look perfect. The Product Boxes UK is the showstopper of custom boxes. We specialise in your vapeing products to give it a nice packaging solution according to your stylish outfit. We know that no one size fits all, that’s why we offer personalised solutions. Custom Vape packaging at The Product Boxes are significantly crafted according to your needs and give a special spotlight.

Now the question arises why there is a need for personalise vape boxes? The answer is simple.  First of all the vape box keeps the vape safe as well as tells the story about your vape. Secondly these boxes are so catchy and fun for the people. People notice your style and remember them for a long time. Your vape your style get custom paper boxes

Define Your Style With Personalised Vape Packaging Boxes 

As we know that fashion changes all time and the same goes for the Vape boxes. For this purpose The Product Boxes understand the latest trends and styles.we goes according to your brand, identity and leads according to your budget. We understand that making a lasting impression is crucial and customisation is the key. At The Product Boxes, we offer custom printed vape boxes according to your brand identity. You  can contact us for all kinds of customisations in terms of colours, designs, custom inserts and presentations to find yourself different from the crowd.

Types of Vape Boxes to Pick from The Product Boxes

At The Product Boxes, we offer multiple types and styles of vape boxes. Here are some of the most popular ones

  • Disposable vape packaging
  • Nicotine Free vape packaging boxes
  • Form inserts for vape sticks
  • Vaping window display boxes
  • Vape cartridge boxes with inserts

Disposable vape packaging:

Portability and convenience are some of the crucial factors in the world of vaping. The Product Boxes understand the importance of disposable vape packaging as these boxes are beyond the functionality. Disposable packaging offers a great style and durability to protect your product. Moreover, they have their own visual appeal. These boxes not only increase the user experience but are also environmentally friendly. The vape boxes at The Product Boxes can also be customised according to your brand needs to embrace the sleek and compact look.

Nicotine free vape packaging boxes:

There is huge demand for nicotine free alternatives. We understand these needs and go according to the market trends by offering nicotine- free vape packaging boxes. This packaging solution is responsible to incase of your nicotine- free vape product. We offer these boxes to present the vape in a unique vape. Moreover, our aim is to fulfill the needs of customers from safety to aesthetics. You will get the best nicotine free alternative without compromising on quality and style.

Form inserts for vape stick:

Safety is the crucial factor while delivering the vape sticks. The Product Boxes know this priority and offer custom form inserts for vape sticks. The design is precise and cut provides a perfect fit. Moreover,  these inserts act as a protective shield and protect the sticks during the transportation process. It ensures that they reach their destination without any damage.

Vaping window display boxes:

Vaping window display boxes allow you to capture the essence of your product to attract the customer. Gives an attractive look to the products as there is no need to open the packaging to see the full look. Moreover that transparent window adds a touch of all over and attracts the customers to see the product before making a final decision of purchasing. You can increase the visual appeal of your products with the packaging.

Vape cartridge boxes with inserts:

Vape cartridge boxes allow you to organise and protect your vape cartridges. These boxes are significantly designed to secure each cartridge. It will prevent any damage during the transportation process. Moreover, it not only secures the product but it also provides you in a presentable manner.

Personalised Boxes For Vape For Unique Brand Identity

The touch of custom printed gives an amazing brand identity and lasting impression to your product that goes beyond protecting your product. The main goal is to provide a powerful branding tool. We offer various colour options and customisation techniques to make your product appealing. Our product and packaging speak volume about the brand.

We understand that colours are not just hues, they are language with the customers. That’s the reason, the product box understands the psychological impact of colours. We offer a wide range of colours according to the brand aesthetic.

  • CMYK colour model
  • PMS colour model

CMYK colour model:

The colour model is also called a four colour process. CMYK colour model is standard in every printing industry as it is used primarily in colours that are yellow, Magenta, black and cyan. This colour reproduction and prints makes your packaging more precise.

PMS colour model:

The PMS colour model gives unique codes to specific colours. It allows you to maintain the brand’s consistency. You can easily select from a wide range of PMS colours to make your custom way of packaging more appealing.

Enjoy the Perks of Vape Packaging Wholesale

In this competitive and growth market, the business needs reliable solutions to meet their needs without any financial trouble. By keeping this factor in mind, The Product Boxes offer vape packaging wholesale options to cover all sizes of business. Our wholesale packages and additional discount give one of the cost effective ways to get quality packaging in bulk quantity.

Contact The Product Boxes for Custom Printed Vape Packaging

If you are still in confusion about how to find the best packaging solution for your brand, contact The Product Boxes. We offer CBD Packaging solutions also according to your budget and brand needs. Our team of experts is ready to help you in getting the best vape packaging.

  • We are committed to delivering high quality packaging solutions.
  • We understand the importance of deadlines. You will get a reliable order ensuring that your products will never be delayed due to our packaging.
  • Our main focus on customisation reflects the uniqueness of your brand.

So don’t waste your precious time and contact The Product Boxes to make your vaping brand more innovative. Choose us where uniqueness meets perfect packaging.

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