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Custom Mailer Boxes That Speak Your Brand

Custom Mailer boxes are a flexible packaging answer that serves an extensive variety of functions in the postal and shipping in the UK. Our custom printed boxes are significantly designed to provide comfort, protection, and branding opportunities for groups. These boxes are an ideal choice for people trying to ship packages. 

However, The Product Boxes UK help a lot by delivering custom mailer boxes wholesale for postal and delivery purposes inside the UK

Purpose of Our Customised Mailer Boxes in Shipping industry

Our luxury mailer boxes are the backbone in the shipping industry. These boxes play a crucial role in following sectors:

  • Boxes for E-commerce Shipping

One of the significant purposes of our boxes is for e-commerce agencies. Online firms rely on these boxes to securely deliver products to their customers.  Adding more, the durability and shielding functions of mailer shipping boxes assist make sure that items arrive in best packing.

  • Custom Mailer Boxes for Subscription Box Items

Our custom mailer boxes UK for subscription box services have received popularity in recent years. These boxes include numerous merchandise which might be curated around a theme.  Furthermore, these boxes are a really perfect choice for packaging subscription container gadgets, supplying a branded unboxing experience for subscribers.

  • Document and Literature Mailings

Businesses often use these kinds of boxes to send important files, advertising materials, and literature to clients, partners, and customers. So, the rigid production of these boxes helps prevent creasing or harm to the contents.

  • Boxes for Rigid Gift Packaging

Mailer boxes can be transformed into elegant present packaging. Retailers and people alike use them to bundle presents for special occasions, including a customised touch with custom designs and branding.

  • Mailer Boxes for Brand Presentation

The customised boxes with corporation trademarks, hues, and designs, significantly improves the overall visibility and recognition. Our branding on the boxes creates a memorable influence whilst customers receive their programs.

Multiple Types of Sizes, Shapes, Style, and Materials

When it involves mailer boxes, various factors make a contribution to their functionality, protection, and visual appeal. However, it includes the length, form, style, and materials used in their manufacturing.

Box Size and Shape of Our Mailer Boxes

Our boxes come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate different needs and delivery requirements. From small rectangular boxes to large ones, we can customise in shape that fits the contents. 

Hence, we assure that there’ll be, minimising movement during transportation in order to reduce the risk of damage.

Mailer Box Style to Choose From

Our famous ear-lock mailer boxes includes various styles such as:

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

It’s one of the most common styles, with flaps that meet in the middle while closed.

Full Overlap Container (FOL)

All flaps fully overlap, supplying greater protection at the pinnacle and backside.

Die-Cut Mailer Boxes

Custom shapes and patterns may be die-cut to in shape the product’s shape. These boxes enhance both safety and aesthetics.

Eco-friendly Material is Used for Our Mailer Boxes Manufacturing

Various materials are used inside the production of mailer containers, each supplying distinct benefits:

Cardboard Mailer Boxes 

Our cardboard boxes offer a light-weight but strong option for gadgets that require fundamental safety in the course of shipping.


Thicker and greater rigid than regular cardboard, cardstock boxes provide superior sturdiness and a more top class feel. Furthermore, these are suitable for suppliers that need greater protection.

Kraft Mailer Boxes

These boxes are environmentally friendly and offer a natural, rustic appearance. However, our custom kraft mailer boxes are chosen by means of organisations with an eco-friendly branding technique.

Corrugated Cardboard

Our corrugated boxes containers have a fluted inner layer that adds cushioning and shock absorption. These boxes are best for fragile gadgets. Moreover, they provide tremendous safety towards influences and tough dealing with.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes containers are extraordinarily strong and capable of withstanding large pressure. They are typically used for gifts or high-end products. So, you can also use the customised designs with diverse finishes.

Unveiling Techniques to Elevate Your Custom Mailer Boxes

In the realm of custom boxes, loads of strategies are at your disposal. Each technique took the boxes beyond packaging. However, these techniques encompass:

The Digital Printing Technique

Harnessing the prowess of digital documents, digital printing stands as a value-effective desire. Boxes with logo are best for smaller orders, it guarantees your packaging wears a vibrant look.

The Offset Printing Technique

For those in search of extra than what virtual printing offers, offset printing emerges as the best contender. The prints go through the rub plate before gracing your packaging. It’s a standout for bulk orders.

The Screen-Printing Technique

Embracing the mesh to transfer ink, display printing crafts imprints that honestly captivate your packaging’s canvas.

Delve into the Colour Models We Present

We choose two colour models for custom printed mailer boxes:

The CMYK Colour Model

Comprising Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, this model offers novel shades from its colourful blend. Understandably, its variety is finite, making it fitting for smaller orders seeking uniqueness.

The PMS Colour Model

Standing tall with an expansive colour array, the PMS colour  Model beckons. An opulent preference with higher value is reserved for large orders.

Finishing Flourishes for Mailer Boxes

Our customised boxes receive a transformative touch with our completing coats. You can get the finishing of various types including:

Matte Finish

Matter fining on boxes gives a velvety feel that exudes sophistication. For this purpose, black mailer boxes and blue mailer boxes are the best choice if you want to make your packaging a symbol of elegance.

Gloss Finish

For a beautiful shine that catches the attention, gloss finishing on our boxes stands as an amazing preference.

Varnish Finish

Lending a glossy, polished appearance, the varnish end radiates charm. You can pick white mailer boxes to enhance the visible appeal of your boxes.

Soft-Touch Finish

The tactile indulgence of gentle-touch finish provides a feeling of luxuriousness, inviting clients to discover more.

Contact Us for Customised Mailer Boxes

We are a prominent packaging solution for your needs. We know how creating wonderful boxes represents your brand.

With a dedication to innovation and client satisfaction, The product Boxes UK has proved itself as a leader inside the packaging industry. Let’s discover how?

  • Our focus on developing customised boxes align with each client’s precise branding and product necessities.
  • We always prefer environment-friendly material selection. However, it allows our customers to choose the satisfactory match for their business.
  • The Product Boxes UK has a group of skilled designers who work intently with customers to create fascinating packaging designs.
  •  We are aware of the significance of well-timed shipping. Moreover, our company strives to meet closing dates and deliver orders right away.

In the world of packaging, The Product Boxes UK stands out as a reliable platform to get custom mailer boxes wholesale for businesses searching for modern, nicely-designed boxes. So, Contact us and get your customised boxes according to your budget and business needs.

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