Custom Food Boxes

Custom food packaging boxes play a crucial role in the safest food delivery. Therefore, it is necessary to find enough packaging ideas. Custom food boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. It aims to fit and protect your product better than standard and generic packaging. It is specifically tailored to your company and the product you are shipping. However, packaging boxes appeal to your customers. It enhances the outreach of your business. It is the right way to present your business.

Moreover, it leaves an endless impact on customers’ minds. TPB UK offer fine-quality boxes for food packaging. We add visual appeals to attract your customers. So, come and avail this opportunity at a reasonable cost.

Why Do I Need Branded Food Boxes?

Even if your food is delicious, trust me; we believe you. It would be best to have high-quality and attractive packaging to entice your customers because customers make a decision to buy the product after seeing the distinctive packaging. Hygienic and well-cooked food with good packaging will be a plus point for your business. Furthermore, using magnetic custom food packaging boxes is a game changer. Demonstrate your brand’s credibility, and retain an excellent reputation with well-equipped packaging. It enhances brand awareness and establishes brand recognition, professionalism, and unique identity.

Useful Packaging Provides Promising Safety To Edible Items

High-Quality Printing Stuff

Packaging boxes come in cardboard and corrugated stuff. Both kinds of stuff are eco-friendly due to their strong and rigid nature. Luckily, these boxes provide safety to the food items from dust and dirt. Moreover, good quality printing ink remains safe and never smudges anyways. Therefore, cardboard sandwich boxes perfectly bundle the edibles until the end user finds them.

Keep Food Items Intact During Transport

Custom food packaging boxes are durable enough to hold food products intact during transport. Moreover, these boxes are pivotal in keeping the food items fresh. The hard material bundling also keeps the food items in their original form. However, professional packaging brings many profits for businesses and clients too.

Food Packaging Boxes Wholesale

You can save your money by ordering food packaging boxes wholesale. We are offering packaging boxes wholesale with free delivery and design. In this way, you can minimise the cost and maximise your profit. Get trendy designs from The Product Boxes to stand out your product from competitors.

What types Of Food Packaging Are Available?

We offer multiple boxes for food packaging. 

The types we offer are:

Cardboard Sandwich Boxes:

Cardboard is a strong material. We use it to make cardboard sandwich boxes. The key qualities of cardboard are absorption power, shape stability, and air permeability. The cardboard material does not break. Ultimately, it provides a safe shelter to sandwich during delivery. Furthermore, it protects the sandwich from hot and cold weather. 

Chinese Food Boxes:

Chinese food items are in trend. They all are soft and fragile. Most of them are in liquid form. Some important items are Sweet and Sour Pork, Wonton Soup, and Peking Roast Duck. These items need special care. We offer Chinese food boxes that are manufactured by keeping in view the fragility of Chinese food. These boxes maintain food quality for a long time over long distances.

Union Jack Food Boxes:

There is a trend of Union Jack in the UK. We have patriotic feelings. We love to adorn our products, even food items, with our flag. The slightest mistake can make a distorted image of the flag. We offer high-quality Union Jack Food Boxes, which ensure the longevity of the flag’s aestheticity. 

Pizza Boxes:

Pizza is the favorite food of this era. It is selling like hotcakes. It is important to maintain its taste and quality. We offer Pizza Boxes that have the potential to keep your pizza fresh and hot. Moreover, your pizza pieces will remain in their original place rather than quilling over one into another. Buy our pizza boxes to maintain your pizza quality.

Burger Boxes:

Along with pizza, burgers are also a trending food item. Our child stars prefer burgers over homemade food items. They do not get fed up even after eating burgers daily. Burgers are also a food item that needs special care. We offer burger boxes that are made with high-quality packaging material. These boxes provide longevity to the burgers. They remain safe during transportation.

Cereal Boxes:

Corn flakes are highly used for breakfast. They are full of vitamins. Good products and packaging will be the best marketing tool to entice your customers. We offer fine-quality Cereal Boxes that will allure your customers and turn them into buyers.

Customisation Of Food Packaging Boxes

We offer the customisation of packaging boxes for food as per your requirement. You can get these boxes in various shapes, designs, and packaging materials your business needs. Custom food packaging boxes with logos are perfect for brand awareness and presenting a unique identity. Moreover, kraft food boxes are also a suitable choice for low-budget businesses.

Colour Models For Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Colours are a game changer for any business. They play with customers’ minds smartly. Using vibrant colours on eco-friendly packaging can promote your food items on high levels. So, always pay attention to the colour selection while getting Custom Food Boxes. 

The colour models The Product Boxes UK offer are:

  • CMYK Colour Model
  • PMS Colour Model

CMYK Colour Model

CMYK Colour model includes four colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black. They are mixed to create new shades. This colour model is cost-effective and has limited shades. It could be better for quick results.

PMS Colour Model

Do you want more than the CMYK colour model? If yes, the Pantone Matching System PMS colour model is your best option. It is expensive but has a wide range of colour shades. Furthermore, it is suitable for quick turnarounds.

Printing Techniques For Packaging Boxes

Printed packaging boxes are the best tool for marketing and brand promotion. Just print the logo and other essentials of the product. 

We offer the following printing techniques:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of printing from a digital-based image directly to various media. It is suitable for short-run businesses. Moreover, it is cost-effective.

Offset Printing

Do you want more than digital printing? If yes, Offset printing is a suitable choice for you. Remember! It is best for high-volume orders. Furthermore, it is expensive too.

We Provide Sampling Option:

The final look of the packaging box always worries customers. We offer sampling services for our valuable customers to ease them. 

Following are the forms of sampling we offer are: 

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Physical

Why Choose The Product Boxes?

It is difficult for you to choose the food packaging boxes. There is no need to worry. We are here to assist you. We are the leading supplier of Custom Food Boxes in the UK. You need to share your business details. The Product Boxes design packaging boxes in a fashion that will allure your customers. We will devise customisations for you.

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